Brighton Tokens & Coins will pay the highest prices for your collectible coins and tokens.

It is easy to ship your coins to us for a fast confidential offer.
Listed below are instructions for shipping your collection:

  1. Enclose a packing list stating the material that you have enclosed.
  2. Make sure your name, address and phone number are enclosed. Keep a copy for your records.
  3. When shipping by insured or Registered U.S. Mail, insure the package for an amount that you are comfortable with.
  4. We will call you the day that the package is received.
  5. An offer is usually made within 24 hours of receipt. On larger collections, the process can take up to several days.
  6. No games, no hassles. Just a fair, fast offer.
  7. We will pay postage both ways if we don't get together on price. If you need guidance with proper packaging procedures, please call our office.

Shipments should be addressed to:
BT & C
1492  Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

Local/International calls: 1-585 271-0210
Fax telephone: 1-585 271-5848

If necessary, we will fly to you: When a collection is particularly bulky, difficult to handle for the customer and/or valued at approximately $50,000 or more, Brighton Tokens and Coins President, Douglas Musinger, will come to you. Please call 1-585-271-0210 to discuss this option with one of our buyers. We need your coins and will gladly travel to do business with you! Don't buy the wrong the right coins.  
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